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2018 Miss Washington USA Contestants:

Abigail Hill - Enumclaw USA
Abigail Hill

Enumclaw USA

Since 9 years of age, Abigail has desired to be a representative of Miss Washington USA. During her growth in pageantry, she has created her own platform called "#W82TXT", reaching untold numbers of viewers and gathering nearly 1,000 signed pledges to stop texting while driving. Alongside of this platform, Abigail donates her time and efforts to various disaster-relief organizations, specifically those targeting families with children, as she firmly believes that today's youth are the future.

Alexandra Sanchez - Greater Renton USA
Alexandra Sanchez

Greater Renton USA

Along with her love of the performing arts, Alexandra is motivated and driven to make an impact in her community. She loves volunteering for many organizations and putting her B.A in Sociology to use by speaking and mentoring youth in local high schools. Alexandra is also a vocal advocate for social justice and she hopes to utilize her skills and knowledge to reach and achieve her goals along with hoping to inspire others to do the same. 

Alleah Taylor - Greater King County USA
Alleah Taylor

Greater King County USA

Alleah was born and raised in Seattle. She is currently a Clinic Lead and model. She practices servant leadership and is diligent in her quest to revolutionize healthcare. Her goal is to manage her own primary care practice and improve the way we view/demonstrate self-care, mental health and mindfulness. Alleah hopes her journey inspires others to treat every day as a blessing and as an opportunity to improve, progress and uplift.

Alyssa Caillier - Tacoma USA
Alyssa Caillier

Tacoma USA


Since grade school, Alyssa has desired to teach children. Now, she is a leader who empowers children spiritually. Though she currently invests in Child Care, Alyssa is commonly known by her creativity in fashion styling & design. She merges her knack for inspirational writing with her eye for fashion on her blog. Alyssa writes to deepen her reader's reflective process in the hope of opening them into their greatest potential from the inside out.

Angela Cruze - Cowlitz County USA
Angela Cruze

Cowlitz County USA

Angela serves as Washington's Foster Leader, and represents Cowlitz County as Youth Tri-Lead; (Providing Youth and Family Voice for Washington States Behavioral Health System.) Angela's lived in the foster care system and actively participates in vocalizing awareness of barriers for youth in system programs. Angela runs a local chapter; Cowlitz Visionary Youth, which mission is to "Raise awareness about youth rights and challenges and to help other youth in our community have a voice, while creating positive change."

Anna Chang - Greater Lynnwood USA
Anna Chang

Greater Lynnwood USA

Anna, a courageous young lady who was raised in the beautiful state of Washington, is determined to finish Dental School and to become a family dentist. Her ultimate goal is to open a business that helps empower woman mentally and physically. Anna enjoys cooking and creating recipes for her cooking blog. She is full of passion, love and inspiration. Anna strives to be a great role model for her younger brother and peers.

Arianna Pride - Lake Washington USA
Arianna Pride

Lake Washington USA

Arianna is a graduate of the UW and is passionate about raising awareness and breaking the stigma behind Depression, specifically in teens and young adults. As someone who has experienced it and continues to fight it to this day, she believes talking about her experience could help others know they are not alone. She hopes to teach families how to spot the signs and be a good support system for their loved ones.

Ashane Davis - Cheney USA
Ashane Davis

Cheney USA

Ashane is a mentor for behaviorally challenged and developmentally delayed youth and a full time student at Eastern Washington University. She was born on June 28th, 1996 in Seattle, Washington. She has a passion for working with children, dancing and singing. Her main goal is to inspire young ladies to do whatever their hearts desire and it starts with loving themselves. Ashane would like to thank her friends and family for all of their support.

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